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Vinotive VINAER 7 Function Wine Aerator Polished Edition

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The VINAER 7 Function Wine Aerator decants and aerates wine instantly as you pour.

Simple to use and ensures optimal performance in a sophisticated package. The air mixing chamber instantly aerates the wine while pouring, significantly improving the taste, flavor and finish. Seven built-in dual-functional tubes are supported by eight small vents positioned at the grid edge.

The built-in micro fine stainless steel filter protects against cork residue and other impurities.

A non-drip stainless steel collar ensures no precious wine is ever spilled.  The air tight stopper preserves freshness, so you can save and enjoy your wine the next day.

Easy to clean, simply rinse. A professional quality wine tool for wine lovers everywhere. 

Designed by Mencke & Vagnby

With 7 separate functions, the Vinaer helps to enhance the nose, taste, and finish of wines as well as make serving and storing wine easy and simple. After opening your wine, simply place the Vinaer​ securely on top and it’s ready to go.

  • Aeration – Wine is aerated through the Vinaer’s air mixing chamber which oxidizes the wine. With precisely balanced dimensions, wine and air are correctly mixed during pouring. This enhances the nose—the first stage of wine enjoyment, then the taste as well as the finish on the wine.
  • Pouring – No waiting—you can serve your wine immediately after opening and can be poured from the bottle in any direction. Built-in, dual function pipes enable optimum use.
  • Filtration – A built-in, dense mesh filter catches cork residues, lees, and other impurities before the wine enters the glass. Easily cleaned under running water, there’s no need for soap.
  • Dripless – With double pouring edges, the Vinaer ensures that there is no dripping when serving, eliminating the need for a napkin or separate pourer or collar.
  • Covers Foil Edges – If your wine opening technique isn’t exactly perfect, the Vinaer​ fits snugly over the neck of the bottle, effectively hiding unsightly ragged edges.
  • Hides Screw Threads – More wines are being bottled with screw tops, but this can create an unappealing look. This aerator hides screw threads for a more aesthetic feel.
  • Air-tight Preservation – When you have wine remaining after dinner or a party, you can use the included air-tight top to seal the bottle until you’re ready for the next glass.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best on bottle aerator

There is nothing that compares to the quality of this aerator in terms of convience and utility. Highly recommend for any red wine enthusiast.

Richard Cohen

The Store and product are great

Marisa Beckley
Great buy

So happy we bought our aerator. Love the fact we have no more drips when we pour our wine! Everyone should have one!!!

Gary Schroeder

I have not received the product yet. It has been having fun traveling the country per the tracking. It has been within a couple of miles of my address twice. It is starting over again. Hope to see it soon, Gary

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