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Fantastic service and pleased with my purchase.

KN95 Trifold – Disposable Face Mask – 20 Masks – 10 Packs of 2

Lamont kitchen towels are the best!!

I have been using the Lamont towels for years. They last forever and are so soft and absorbent! Highly recommend!!!

Never received!

Gasket and filter

Fits and works great!

It really works

Easy shopping for a product I need

I appreciate finding this product. My local store stopped carrying them. Much appreciated.

Good Face Mask

This is a comfortable & well made disposable face mask --I wear a lot of black so reason for choosing. S. Feldman is a good source for many items and does not disappoint with covid related supplies and great shipping response!

Blue vinyl gloves

I really count on these gloves. I've used them for over 6 years and this is only my second pair. I wish I had purchased a large pair. The fingers in this pair are just a tiny bit too short. I do not have large hands, so I thought a medium would be fine, but I guess the first pair that I've worn for years must have been a large, because the fingers were long enough. Anyway, I still love the gloves.

Not as good as an older Zyliss Safe Edge Can Opener

Although this new model of can opener is smaller and light weight, it is much harder to turn the key. I do not think it is an improvement.

Braun wall clock

A1 Seller, very good value.


I was looking for some heavy duty gloves to wear while washing dishes at my job. But that would be long enough & keep my hands dry inside. These gloves come about half way to my elbow. Which is the perfect length for me.

Best Scrub Sponges Ever!

These cute sparkly kitty face sponges are also the most clean and durable sponges I have ever used! They have just enough wiry-ness to shift egg and other tough stuff without being rough like steel wool and they dont get clogged and smelly like regular sponges. Highly recommend!

True Blues Ultimate Household Gloves

The strongest and most comfortable cleaning gloves I’ve found. You can even lift hot handles with them.

Love this!

Unobtrusive and works! My cats love to play in the tub and it catches their hair too!

Great Service

Very ease order to place. Online chat was very helpful.

Mending on the move!

Convenient sewing kit for those on the move. Very handy! Love the design of folding scissors.

Perfect step stool

Compact and sturdy. Exactly as described. Great find.

Nice store, nice items, timely shipping

I love ordering shipments from Feldman's - they arrive quickly and I appreciate it!

Keep the moths away!

My mother used to order the Fuller Brush cake moths all the time for our family closets when I was growing up. I always wondered why she did that because i never saw any moths. It took me awhile to realize that the holes in my sweaters and tops were from moths because I wasn't using these products. Fuller Brush no longer carries them so this was the next best thing! I've started using these moth cakes and have no problem whatsoever now. They smell but I'd rather know that they're working than not. Thanks for offering a great product that works.

Great cards

These cards are funny, pretty original, and a good price!

My second purchase of this clock

It suits the situation of my home office. However you can hear some ticking
and it does not last forever. That said ,it lasted possibly 5 years and the price
is acceptable.

Great gloves

Really sturdy heavy weight gloves. Perfect for protecting hands when house cleaning.