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Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner With Bleach, 32 oz

Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner With Bleach, 32 oz

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This all-purpose cleaner fights tough stains with the power of bleach. Use throughout kitchens and bathrooms to help remove food stains, greasy soil, soap scum and mold/mildew stains. Plus, it leaves a fresh, clean scent. Read label before use. Use only as directed.


Countertops, Stovetops, Sinks, Appliances, Shower Doors, Tubs, Grout, Tile, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Garbage Cans, Vinyl Shower Curtains and Outdoor Lawn Furniture. Avoid prolonged contact with metal, porcelain, marble and worn laminate counters to avoid discoloration. Do not use on wood, painted surfaces or aluminum. Avoid contact with clothes, fabrics, carpets or paper surfaces to avoid discoloration. Spot test for all other surfaces.

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