Sterilite 15 QT Latching Box

Sterilite 15 QT Latching Box

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The 15 Quart Latching Box features a modern space saving shape and an innovative hinging lid. Simply undo one latch and lift the lid for easy access, all with one hand. The other latch stays attached and acts as a hinge, even when the lid is opened all of the way. This latching box is the ideal solution for organizing spaces such as a closet, classroom, or pantry.

  • Innovative latch allows lid to lift as if it were hinged for easy access with one hand
  • Efficient new space-saving shape
  • Clear base for quick viewing of contents
  • Recessed styling of the lid allows for secure stacking
  • Dimensions: 16 1/4" L x 11 1/4" W x 6 3/4" H

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