Ritz 100% Natural Unbleached Cheesecloth – 2sq yards

  • 7.99

This ultra-fine grade cheesecloth is ideal for your kitchen chores including basting, straining, steaming, blanching, poaching and making cheese or yogurt. Made of 100% natural unbleached cotton, this cheese cloth is also lint free and great for cleaning windows and mirrors. It is strong when wet and will not hold flavors or odors. Comes as a three-pack set of 2 square yards for a total of 6 square yards.
  • 100% natural unbleached cotton cheesecloth
  • Multi use: basting poultry, straining sauces, jams & jellies, steaming, blanching, filtering stew and soup, poaching seafood, canning, making cheese, yogurt and wine, and so much more!
  • Ultra fine mesh and lint-free
  • Extra strong when wet and won't hold flavors or odors

Item #1147

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