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Panier Des Sens En Provence Liquid Marseille Soap – Regenerative Honey - 500ML

Panier Des Sens En Provence Liquid Marseille Soap – Regenerative Honey - 500ML

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Liquid Marseille Soap – Regenerative Honey - 500ML

A land of flowers overlooking the Côte d'Azur, Grasse is recognized as the world capital of perfumery for the quality of its essences and creations. Panier des Sens celebrates the Grasse perfumery and its traditional skills, with its collection based on Absolute perfumes.

Genuine high-end perfumery gem, an Absolute is the most precious oil of the vegetal raw material. Absolutes are highly concentrated fragrant natural vegetal extracts, which make it a real aromatic treasure. At the heart of our Absolute formulas, the emblematic raw material of Provence, Olive oil helps to protect, nourish and repair the most sensitive skins.

Made from vegetal oils, this liquid soap is made in cauldrons following the purest Marseille tradition.

96% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.

It is not only because of its precious aroma, nor simply because it meets all the trends of organic ingredients that Panier des Sens has chosen Honey as a natural active ingredient. It is because we know that to feed the hive and resist the weather, bees make from the pollen of trees and flowers, precious elements for cosmetics such as royal jelly, propolis and pollen, rich in vitamins, minerals, sugars and other essential nutrients.


Honey Extract is obtained from the nectar of flowers from our region. Its moisturizing power comes largely from the natural floral water it contains, nearly 10%. It also contains many minerals and vitamins essential to our skin.


The queen of vegetal oils, coconut oil is composed of 90% fatty acids, but also vitamin E, vitamin K and iron.

Cold pressed, its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties give it protective and nourishing properties, and also helps against skin ageing. 100% natural, it leaves the skin softened, moisturized and deeply nourished.

Dermatologically tested, this liquid soap gently cleanses while preserving the natural balance of the skin.

Miel : Flower and sweet perfume: creamy Honey sweetened with Almond blossom and Sandalwood.

In order to ensure an irreproachable quality to the products and to preserve a unique agricultural heritage, Panier des Sens partners with local craftsmen and harvesters to develop and encourage a reasoned, organic agriculture. The goal is to preserve local essences that make up the richness of this region.

The organic Honey of Provence is harvested with respect for the environment, without synthetic pesticides and herbicides, respecting the strict constraints of the independent label "ECOCERT"

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