Le Blanc Dryer Sachet – Original

Le Blanc Dryer Sachet – Original

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Use Le Blanc® Dryer Sachets to safely scent your finest laundry items in your home dryer in place of polyester dryer sheets. Unlike traditional dryer sheets our dryer sachets prevent piling, will not leave any oily residue, and will last for a minimum of 25 dryer cycles.

Le Blanc® Dryer Sachets measure 8 ½” x 3 ½,” and are available in six unique fragrances. Dryer Sachets are available in a single pack or two-pack which includes a coordinating specialty cleaner.

    Floral & Fresh
    Apple | Berry | ​Kiwi
    Jasmine | Hyacinth | Geranium | ​Rose
    Precious Woods | Herbs | ​Citrus Zest
    This exquisite Floral Fusion of jasmine and hyacinth is brought together with light notes of apple and kiwi. Sunlit herbs, citrus zest, and precious woods form a base for this charming and refreshing original fragrance medley.


    Item # 823


    Item #823

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