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Boneco Aqua Pro Filtration Cartridge

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A250 filter For Boneco / Air O Swiss ultrasonic humidifiers.
2-in-1 water filter for ultrasonic humidifiers
  • The A250 Aqua Pro 2-in-1 Water Filter is the newest BONECO innovation.

  • Significantly reduces water hardness

  • Acts as a water purifier to filter out harmful substances such as copper, lead, mercury

  • Filters unpleasant odors from your water

The A250 Aqua Pro will last up to 6 months and there is a water test strip included with the filter so each user as a better understanding of how long the filter will last based on their local water hardness. The longer life-cycle of the A250 Aqua Pro helps keep the maintenance costs down while ensuring the best quality of water is being used in your humidifier.

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