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Arrow T50 Staples – 3/8" 10mm

Arrow T50 Staples – 3/8" 10mm

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Arrow™ T50 3/8" staples are America's best selling heavy duty staples.

As always, these genuine Arrow™ fasteners are designed and assembled in the USA.

Made of heavy duty steel, these staples will last you a long time and will hold your fabric, padding, wiring, and anything else secure.

The T50 staples feature extreme versatility as they can fit many different Arrow™ products in addition to PowerShot, Craftsman, Black & Decker, Stanley, and Ace models.

They can be used for light and heavy duty home projects such as installing window screening, upholstering furniture, attaching insulation, and pinning down wire. Other uses include roofing felt, housewrap, weather stripping, and carpeting.

Each package contains 1250 pieces.

Fits Master Mechanic: #M5100, #M5000, #M5500, Arrow T50, T50X, Ht50, All T50 Series Staplers


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