Le Creuset Cerise Iron Skillet

Feldman's Top Frypan Picks for 2022

Best Frypan For Your Buck:

Greenpan Venice Pro Ceramic Nonstick

Versatile, healthy, easy to use and easy to clean cookware for the everyday home chef

Pros: Easy Maintenance, great non-stick performance, attractive price

Cons: Non-stick coating does not last forever

Most Durable Frypan:

Le Creuset Enameled Iron Skillets

Beautiful, functional, and built to last a lifetime

Pros: Extremely durable, easy maintenance, great performance

Cons: Expensive, heavy

Best On a Budget:

Oxo Good Grips Non-Stick Frypans

Oxo Good grips non stick frypan

German engineered and scratch resistant for everyday use

Pros: Great value, easy maintenance

Cons: Not chef quality, coating will not last forever

Best Non-Stick Frypan:

All Clad Stainless Non Stick Frypans

The American made standard of cookware excellence

Pros: Superior non-stick, great performance

Cons: Non-stick coating does not last forever

Best All Around Frypan:

Scanpan CTX Frypans

Our #1 Pick - the perfect all around skillet

Pros: Great non-stick, great performance, easy maintenance

Cons: Expensive

Honorable Mentions:


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