Murphy Multi-Use Wood Cleaner Wipes – 18ct

Murphy Multi-Use Wood Cleaner Wipes – 18ct

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Wet disposable oil wipes safely cleans and dusts wood furniture, cabinets and floors. Murphy's soft wipes have no chemicals or solvents harmful to wood, with the Anti-static ingredient it safely reveals woods natural beauty. Easy pullout disposable wipes can be used for regular cleanings or quick touch-ups.

  • Cleans to a natural shine
  • Contains 98% naturally derived ingredients
  • No waxy build-up or dulling residue
  • 18 individual large wet wipes in peal and reseal packaging


No, there is no oil in Murphy ® Oil Soap. Although Pine oil is used as the raw material, once the ingredients are transformed into soap, no "free oil" remains in the final product.

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