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Laurastar Iggi Pressurized Sterilization Deodorizing Handheld Steamer – White

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Pressurized Sterilization Deodorizing Handheld Steamer 

Laurastar IGGI Handheld Steamer in Intense White

If you want your favorite shirt to last longer, you have to take proper care of it; steam cleaning is one of easiest and most effective ways to keep clothes and other textiles around your home looking new thanks to its gentle yet efficient wrinkle-eliminating capabilities. Steaming is often associated with clothing but you can use the IGGI handheld steamer for far more than that; because of its portable size, you can use this Laurastar steamer around the house on drapes, fabric shower curtains or upholstery. You can even use it on your child's favorite stuffed animal. With 15x faster steam, your clothes will have 100% fewer wrinkles in half the time of other steam cleaners. Its speedy de-wrinkling makes this device ideal for freshening up your shirt before an important work presentation or any event where you want to look your best. A handheld steamer is also great for people living in smaller homes or with limited storage space as they require less room than an ironing board and iron. Instead, your IGGI can be tucked in a closet, cabinet or drawer between uses

Experience the Germ-Fighting Power of Steam Cleaning

Steam is for far more than removing wrinkles and creases, though. This 2-in-1 Laurastar handheld steamer also uses its Dry Microfine Steam to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and dust mites throughout households without using harsh chemicals that can damage fabrics over time. By removing these germs, you'll also remove odors from delicate textiles that can't simply be thrown in the washing machine or are dry clean only. Your clothes will look and smell fresh and clean and your furniture will lose that stale odor.

Key Features

Wrinkle-free in half the time: 2x faster results compared to other handheld steamers

15x faster steam, 100% fewer wrinkles

Refresh textiles and eliminate odors in your textiles

Disinfects without the use of chemicals

Portable and long-lasting quality - Swiss engineering

Ideal for all fabrics, even the most delicate, leaving a dry finish for lasting results

Pressurized Handheld Steamer
Increased efficiency due to steam pressure ensures speed, power, and consistency when in use. The IGGI steam is 15x faster compared to regular steamers, allowing the steam to penetrate deep into your fibers for a fast and long-lasting wrinkle-free result.

Dry Microfine Steam
The Laurastar Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) provides a disinfectant effect deep within the fibers, on surfaces, and objects by killing 99.9% of viruses (including coronavirus) and bacteria and 100% of dust mites*. Made for use with all fabrics, it delicately restores volume and provides perfect steaming in half the time. Performance, hygiene, and care thanks to a steam that doesn’t leave your clothes wet and works 15 times faster than steam from standard steamers.

*Tests carried out by 3 independent laboratories certified ISO 17025.

Thanks to its portable size, IGGI can travel with you at all times, wherever you may go! IGGI comes with a traveling bag, heat-resistant glove, and a refill bottle for perfect results on the go.

Ease of Use
IGGI heats up in 2.5 minutes and provides a constant powerful steam pressure. After heating up, it can even be used without being plugged in the wall! IGGI is also equipped with a safety lock to avoid steam from escaping when not in use.

Heat-Resistant Glove
Heat-resistant glove for better, more comfortable, safe steaming.

Refill Bottle
The IGGI refill bottle can carry 100 ml of water. The auto-stop function allows you to fill the device with the exact quantity of water required.

Travel/Storage Bag
Small bag to protect and carry IGGI for easy on-the-go use.

  • Eliminates Odors In Your Textiles
  • Portable And Long-Lasting Quality
  • Ideal For All Fabrics
  • 3 Oz Water Tank
  • 56 PSI Constant Steam Pressure
  • 80 Watts
  • White Finish
  • Weighs 2lbs.
  • Dimensions: 10 x 4.3"

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