Kikuichi Hammered Damascus Usuba Knife

Kikuichi Hammered Damascus Usuba Knife

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The Kikuichi history of fine craftsmanship dates back to 12th century Japan, when an ancestor became a swordsmith for the emperor, marking each sword with the monarch’s chrysanthemum symbol. Today this proud tradition of metalwork continues with beautiful cutlery etched with this enduring emblem. Handcrafted in Japan, this nakiri knife has a straight, cleaver-style blade that makes quick, precise work of slicing vegetables and scooping them into the pot.

  • Slender cleaver-shaped blade ideal for precise slicing and chopping of vegetables.
  • Damascus-style blade is forged from 16 layers of incredibly dense VG-10 “super steel” to provide precise control while maintaining a razor-sharp edge.
  • The handsome dimpled pattern (“tsuchime” in Japanese) helps the blade glide easily through food without sticking.
  • Tsuchime pattern is hand hammered, then heat-tempered, making each blade unique.
  • Traditional wooden handle is triple-riveted to guarantee optimal balance and control.
  • Handcrafted in Japan.

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