Heavy Duty Shelf Lining Paper Roll – White – 13"x48Ft

Heavy Duty Shelf Lining Paper Roll – White – 13"x48Ft

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White Bond Table Runner Paper Roll, is a matte white, non adhesive, heavy-duty paper and an excellent choice for home and restaurants. 
The paper table runners are used to cover and protect table surfaces.
Save time and money with these disposable table covers. Cut the paper in the size needed, run it over the table, fold the edges or use clips to make it stay in place.
You can use it on top of table cloth or directly on the table surface. It acts as a surface protector and as a drawing mat kids. Great as drawing and scribble paper.
Coordinate the color of the table runner paper with the table cloth.
Other uses: great as shelf paper, drawer paper and lining paper. 
Get creative with this paper as use it as gift wrapping paper or as a book cover.

Other suggestions include use for: Linen Closets - Kitchen Shelves - Kitchen Cabinets - Pet Boxes, Toy Closets - Scrap Paper - Sandwich Wrap - Silver Drawers - Hope Chests - Medicine Cabinets - Under Trays - Plant Shelves - Origami - Table Tops - Drawing & Sketching, etc.

  • Size: 13in x 48ft
  • Finish/Texture: Satin


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