Damprid Moisture Absorber Tub – 10.5oz

Damprid Moisture Absorber Tub – 10.5oz

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  • Long-term economical solution for moisture/odor control
  • Effective for up to 45 days in areas up to 250 sq. ft.
  • Refillable tub available in fragrances and fragrance free
  • Fresh scent
  • 10.5 oz

Ideal for: Basement • Bathroom • Bedroom • Boat • Camper/RV • Garage/Storage Unit • Kitchen • Laundry room


Remove and discard lid. Open bag by tearing or cutting.


Pour crystals into canister. Place on a flat surface in desired location. Crystals will harden and dissolve as they absorb moisture.


After crystals have completely dissolved, empty liquid into toilet and flush.

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