Alessi Giro Cake Server

  • 56.00

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Cake server in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished.

Width (cm):  3.20
Height (cm):  7.00
Length (cm):  25.00
  • dishwasher safe


In the “Giro”cutlery set UNStudio has used the architectural twist, that is a key feature in the design of a number of their projects and now adapted and transformed into a tactile framework on the human scale, one that isdirectly related to the body and to touch. In the Giro cutlery set a twist originates from the point where handle transforms into blade and graduates along the length of the utensils. The ergonomic silhouette that is created by a gradual transformation effects a dynamic motion frozen in solid material and presents a balance between the modern and the classical. “Giro” is able to make every table special and unique.

Made in Italy

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