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True Blues Ultimate Household Gloves

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True Blues are quite possibly the most comfortable pair of household gloves you will ever own. Their tough vinyl shell, generous cotton liner and snug fit allow True Blues to resist hot water and household chemicals saving your hands from drying and cracking. Because True Blues are vinyl, they won't crack like regular latex gloves. True Blues are latex free and are machine washable making them the only household gloves you will ever need.

  • Tough Vinyl Shell with a 100% Cotton seamless liner
  • Latex Free and machine washable
  • Amazing grip and excellent dexterity
  • Durable yet flexible and won't crack like latex
  • Ultra comfortable 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Mary Simkin
Best gloves for washing dishes I have ever had!

I have always used these gloves. My mother used them and told me they were the best ones to buy. She was so right! They are a classic!

Kenneth H. Dahl
True Blues household dishwashing gloves

I am very happy with the gloves the lining is easy to slip for hands into they're nice and thick and they hold on to the dishes well I give them five stars out of five stars

Jasmine Tosky
Great quality

They need a couple days of wearing to break them it, I was dropping some dishes because you have to hold dishes harder when cleaning them. but after a SHORT while you get use to them as they become easy to use. highly recommend them! I read someone had them for 2years so i will see if mine will last that long washing dishes. I hope!

Joli Kemp
Heavy duty household BLUE-colored gloves

I think once they are broken in with scrubbing toilets and other nasties I’ll appreciate them more. Right now they’re a bit stiff.

Arlene L Nizenski
Soft, comfortable Inner Lining of Rubber Gloves

Due to an injured finger, I needed a very soft inner lining of a rubber glove to not injure he finger further when doing dishes and other wet work. These gloves are perfect with their cotton lining to provide ultimate comfort & protect hand. Thank-you!

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