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Reefer-Galler No-Moth Refill

Reefer-Galler No-Moth Refill

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Kills clothes moths & carpet beetles & their eggs and larvae.

  • Protects Clothing from Moth Damage
  • No Clinging Odor

Treats up to 43.75sqft

Contains two 7oz Cakes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lawrence Pickens
Moth blocks

We have used them for several years now. They do a great job.

Janet Cook
Keep the moths away!

My mother used to order the Fuller Brush cake moths all the time for our family closets when I was growing up. I always wondered why she did that because i never saw any moths. It took me awhile to realize that the holes in my sweaters and tops were from moths because I wasn't using these products. Fuller Brush no longer carries them so this was the next best thing! I've started using these moth cakes and have no problem whatsoever now. They smell but I'd rather know that they're working than not. Thanks for offering a great product that works.

Ruth Ann Phillips
Reefer-Galler No-Moth Refill Found

I followed my mother. She used Reefer-Galler No-Moth for many years. When I went to the store which we had been purchasing this item from for many years, I purchased all the refills they had on the shelf; however, I needed more. The people that I spoke with had no idea when they would get anymore. I went online to see if I could purchase the Reerer-Galler No-Moth refills. I found that S. Feldman House Wares. Happily, I ordered the refills that I needed. Thank you!! S. Feldman House wares!!

RA Philips

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