Bondo Professional Gold Body Repair Kit – 1 qt

Bondo Professional Gold Body Repair Kit – 1 qt

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  • Self-Adhesive Metal Body Patch
  • This product is highly durable
  • This product is manufactured in United States.
  • Top-performing auto body repair in a do-it-yourself kit for convenience
  • Superior adhesion technology bonds with substrates used on newer vehicles
  • Advanced resin technology makes body filler easy to apply and sand
  • Body filler and cream hardener combine for easy, smooth application
  • Professional grade auto body finishing at a fraction of the time and cost

Includes Cream Hardener, Self-Adhesive Metal Body Patch, Spreader & Step By Step Instructions To Fix Dents, Holes, & Scratches, Easy To Mix, Smooth, Apply & Sand, Water Resistant To Prevent Rust, Super Adhesion To E Coat Surfaces, Fiberglass, Wood & Steel.

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